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 'Net Zero - Buildings and Built Environment'


Green Building Congress 2018 Press Clippings

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CII-IGBC-Vaartha-Hyd-Pg11- Green Metro stations-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Vaartha-Hyd-Pg7-Green Metro stations-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Times of India-Hyd-Pg17--2.11.18

CII-IGBC-The Pioneer-Hyd-Pg2--2.11.18

CII-IGBC-The New Indian Express-Hyd-Pg2-City based IGBC to paint central govts social welfare projects green-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-The Hindu-Hyd-Pg2--2.11.18


CII-IGBC-The Hans India-Hyd-Pg5-Centre to fast track green footprint-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Telangana Today-Hyd-Pg11-IGBC wants to double green footprint-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Telangana Today-Hyd-Pg6-Green Buildings for smaller cities-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Sakshi-Hyd-Pg20- Green Awards for Metro-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Sakshi-Hyd-Pg12-Urbanisation to grow every year-2.11.18

CII-IGBC-Nava Telangana-Hyd-Pg4- Green Platinum awards for Hyderabad Metro Stations-2.11.18